• We would like to suggest that you first consult books, encyclopedias and other previously published works for your research topic. If your research is genealogical in nature, you should gather names, surnames, places of birth, etc.

    • Research work of secondary sources will not only widen your knowledge about the research topic and historical context, but will also be a signpost when working with historical sources, i.e. archival documents.

    • Archival records are arranged according to institutions, which, through their functions have created their records. The order in which the records are arranged depends on the business structure and internal organization of the institution as well as on the arrangement of official and business documentation. The records are not arranged in accordance with topics, so probably everything you need you will not find in one place.

    • Because of that archive staff are available to assist you in the use of finding aids and to help you in locating archival material for your research topic.