• When first arriving in the central or other reading rooms of the CSA, user should contact a responsible person in the Department for the use of archival records, and fill out the “Researcher Application” form for the use of archival records.

  • One registration form is filled out separately for each topic of research, and is valid for one calendar year.

  • A registration form is validated by the signature of a director of CSA or other authorized person and is valid as permission for the use of archival records.

  • The approval granted for the use of the records applies only to the person who has submitted the request.

  • When signing in, a user shall obtain information about archival finding aids and Archives’ fonds and collections which contain data relevant to his research topic as well as conditions on use and reproduction of the records.

  • A user’s signature on the “Researcher Application” form obliges him to respect the Regulations on access and use of the archival records (NN 67/1999) and the Regulations for Reading Rooms Use.