Archival material are records or documents emerged by functions of corporations or of physical persons practicing their functions, which are of permanent value for culture, history and science, regardless of the time and the place of their origin, not depend on the form and the physical medium they have been preserved thereon.

CSA has custody over approximately 30 000 meters of archival records, originated from 12th century till nowadays, arranged in 1600 fonds and collections. This documents witness our past as well as our present.
Majority of kept records are produced by central public authorities and government. There are also documents of various bodies of state juridical administration, cultural, religious and business (especially banks and financial institutions) establishments. Archival records of military provenance in CSA (like fonds of Croatian military border until 1881) consists 95 % of such documentation in Croatia. In addition to mentioned documents, CSA keep many documents created by the families and persons (nobleman, politicians, writers, scientists and others) which had significant role in the Croatian public life. CSA also maintain valuable collections of old manuscripts, prints and drawings, maps, graphics, photos, microfilms and other materials.